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    If you are considering self-publishing, then let us give you a quote to self-publish your manuscript and help you market it to the world. Give us a brief description of what your manuscript entails. This brief description should include:

  • Size - The current size of the pages A5, A4 etc.
  • Number of pages and word count
  • Cover - full colour
  • Interior - full colour or black and white
  • Blurb - A little bit about the book

You Can:

  • Phone us with details and enquiries.
  • Fill in our on-line enquiry form.
  • If you have a problem with the on-line form please e-mail/fax the specifications.
  • Our Contact Details Are:

    P.O.BOX 1384

    Tel: 27 31 2672049 / 2667378
    Fax: 086 647 6539
    E-mail 1:
    E-mail 2:
    Contact: Alison